Friday, February 27, 2015

I'm Late, I'm Late

It's been a busy week at the Roofing and Rental shows in New Orleans. The rental show is big, everything from chocolate fountains to self-contained rental chair cleaning machines. They don't like it when you put your head under the chocolate fountain and make YUMMY noises, or run your hand into the washer. I'm not sure what happened in my brain years ago but I've just never been a big fan of that city. Don't care for Cajun food or music, and stumbling down Bourbon Street isn't my idea of a good time. Not that I haven't done it mind you, but as a driver said it's a good thing it rained so much the week after Mardi Gras because it rinsed the streets of ..................well, you know. Honestly the entire party area is (not unlike Key West and Times Square) very hygienic, if you're a fan of the culture please go!
Had dinner with the Ventamatic crew Tuesday and ran into an old friend from Alabama for Wednesday night; somewhere out there I need to get into a gym, or better yet a sauna. 
My definition of New Orleans these days:
Yeah, kinda like that. 
Good trip
Went to Nashville NC today for some estate work, and got to tour a little bit of Rocky Mount and Nash County. It has changed so much.
I found this video in my phone this week, it came from a couple of Saturdays ago when I got a few gasoline powered products out of the shop to see if they would crank and/or run. Like music to my nearly deaf ears:
Let's see, what else did we learn this week? Oh yes, Stevie ain't not be blind! Seems as though Stevie be pulling your collective legs for some time, and yes, there are websites which are devoted to dispelling that horrible horrible lie. I don't know for sure....................but I do know I saw him on television recently and he appeared (notice how I stayed away from the term looked?) blind. 
See? Oops, sorry, understand? No wait, he caught that mike stand! He must be a physic (dinkism).
I got in late last night and was able to stay awake long enough for monologues, and Jimmy Kimmel rocked on the anti-vaccination movement:
When I am able to stay awake long enough to watch the late shows I often get confused as to which I should watch. Kimmel is probably the most imaginative, Letterman is still very polished and funny, and Fallon is a barrel of laughs. This popped up while looking for something else:
At about 1:15 it gets really funny.  Wait a second, what? A swing and a miss, sorry Jimmy.  No wait, not a swing and a miss, more like a called third strike.
GA next week, ready for some sunshine. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Let's Play Jeopardy!

And the correct answer is Frozhisassof, Frozhissassof. Back to the board contestants.............
My DC trip was cancelled and that ended up being a very good thing, lots of paper to push and travel each week from now through the last week in March.
Saw this picture on Facebook last week; that is my uncle's old hot dog stand on Falls Road and the boat was built by our neighbor Wiley Curtis Ezzell, or "Goog" as we knew him. Yes, another Rocky Mount nickname. We had a 14' Carolina boat made around Lumberton NC like that, then a 16' with a 33 HP engine. Goog built a side console for the 16' boat; using a steering wheel seemed like mighty high cotton. Another Goog story: when Goog died Daddy called me and said something like "the bass in Chowan River are breathing a lot easier today knowing he's gone." Goog didn't practice catch and release, he added "filet" in the middle. Pretty boat although I really liked the white and dark green color that we had a little bit better.
Ahhhhhh the Hot Dog Stand. Now I'm getting hungry. We went to see 50 SOG this evening and dinner was late. 
Last week on the Texas trip I read NC Wildlife, even though they only publish every other month it is still one of my favorite reads. Jim Dean is a great writer for the magazine and had an interesting article about spinning reels that took me back. Since it was Dean's I read it first, OK I see here's an article about Lake Mattamuskeet. I only remember fishing there once or twice with Daddy and they aren't good memories for whatever reason. I fished off the bank down there a couple of times, and there's a picture of some old guy using a spin-caster reel like he used to use..........hey wait a second!
Sweet fancy Moses who is that? I don't think it's Daddy but it sure does look like him, as in just like him and his rod and reel. 
The end of the winter is in sight, this weekend three words: Daytona. Was that three words? It is if you're from eastern NC, even ends in an "errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" And without Kurt Busch, big step there NASCAR, good for you. You can't hit a woman.
Tomorrow I have a board meeting at 10:00 then to Sanford for Cooper's blue and gold banquet. Sorry I can't help Elizabeth with her move but we'll try to get there next weekend.........with Jackson's microwave. 
And my grand-dog can talk, we knew she was going to before it was all over (Dinkism)
Next week is New Orleans, and remember contestants, your answer must be phrased in the form of a question. The correct response was what did John do this morning? What did John do this morning? You were thinking Romanian literature, weren't you? Now back to the board

Friday, February 13, 2015

All of That and More

Thank you for your thoughts over the past few weeks, the send-off was nice last Friday, other than the fact that the minister didn't read her favorite Psalm like I asked........................It's a good day when you hear that much laughter at a funeral. And someone sent a vanilla folder of poems to the family care of the church with segments of her obituary on the envelope, sweet, and yes, there was a little Dinkism in there, please add your own. So long Dink!
Still talking................
Got to see this youngin in Rocky Mount, deployments get tougher and tougher
Everything is bigger in Texas! TAR accompanied me this week to Houston, San Antonio, Fort Worth and Mineral Wells. We'll get home tomorrow night. 
Everything is indeed bigger in Texas, everything except for this:
Hope I didn't alienate too many readers with that comment. It is much smaller in appearance when you think back to the movie scenes from your childhood. We got there at 5:00 so we weren't able to see very much of the Alamo, but I did buy a book about those revolutionary days, and I will read it.
SWMBO captured the essence of San Antonio's RiverWalk
Someone posted this on Facebook this week, see if you can find Waldo (that would be me) from the second grade
I remembered nearly all of the names, can't remember breakfast though.................
And now for that wacky humor which keeps me amused:
Well I can't go now.......I'd been swimming, they know about the shrinkage don't they?
I'll just slip into the deuce hole stall for a single, no wait! I hear cello music
Great, I'll never go again, but go I must, off to DC/MD/VA next week

Wednesday, February 04, 2015


Mama died today. Wednesday February 4 early in the morning. I saw her at lunch yesterday and she seemed very sad and in some pain. I held her hand and as she seemed to drift off I went back to my smart phone.........yes, I've thought about that, not too smart was I? Although it was hard to hear her communicate she kept saying "back." I thought her back hurt, as I held her hand I realized she want my hand "back." No, contrary to popular belief I am not that smart.
The nurses moved her into a completely different position and with her trusted friend Lib by her side she went to sleep. TAR visited her late in the afternoon and saw the same type of distress; she was moved again and given some morphine. She went to sleep. When I visited her about 7:00 PM she was asleep and although breathing heavily, at peace. I told TAR when I got home that when I kissed her she smelled good, kind of rare in these circumstances. 
This morning TAR and I both missed the alarm, got a call before 7:00 from Hospice who told us that she was modeling towards death. As I got in the shower I thought 48 I was in the shower they called and said she was dead.
Looking back I wish I had got there sooner but then thought of my last visit with her. I'm OK, she's better than OK, we're all OK. Her funeral will be Friday at 2:00 in Rocky Mount. A good retrospective on my mother's life was this morning as she laid in her bed with a blue gown and a red rose and a beautiful red blanket around her, I stepped into the bathroom for a's one of the saddest days in my life, right? From her room I heard laughter, so when you think of Dink as you read this, think about something she said or did, it will not make you sad, and I'll bet it makes you smile or even laugh. 
And that was my mama, so laugh, it's OK.
We can't remember all of the funny stuff she said so please share if you can remember better than I can remember.................gosh I wish John Taylor was here! Or if you remember a funny anecdote please share.
I'll start: beach apartments were called "condom-things" Yes, go's OK
Funnier stuff next week, I promise, I got a bunch too!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Guess Who I Saw Today?

Think about how I would answer that question if you asked me, look at the title again.........
At this writing Dink is still among us, so we'll continue to laugh. Very productive trip(s) this week to the AHR Expo in Chicago, then to San Diego for the NEMRA meeting. It was good to reunite with a lot of old friends and foes in Chicago, we got a lot done in two short days and nights. The NEMRA meeting is.....................different. I misjudged the angle I planned but had several good interviews with potential new representatives. If you're familiar with how HARDI meetings work, NEMRA takes it to a new level. This has been my station from Wednesday afternoon through tonight
That might appear as slightly depressing, like I said, it's different. I've heard from some reps that my predecessor preferred to meet with reps in the lobby, bar, restaurant, pool, etc., anywhere but here. I understand completely.
I met Elizabeth's mother last night and enjoyed her company. We traded a lot of stories about our children, perhaps we will write a book. I am glad she took the time to come downtown and meet, we had lots of fun and laughs.No pictures from Thursday night, but one from Wednesday night at a Hawaiian restaurant, might have to hit that again tonight.
San Diego is one of my favorite cities, we brought Jay here when he was little and had a great vacation, although above his protests and arguments we did not take him to a bullfight in Tijuana. The weather is ideal and there is so much to do in this area. Although the sun hasn't appeared this week it is still beautiful.
Those are a couple of big boats, the sailboat especially.......huge. As in 247 feet long, the world's largest sloop rigged sailboat. In the world, the world.......
NASCAR has a sense of humor, lets go racing

Now here's a little diddy about Jack and Diane.....................
Yeah, I don't know how that got in here. I needed the giggle.
On Wednesday evening I walked down the waterfront and saw our old friend the HMS Rose, now called the Surprise after she was used in Master and Commander, they never did a sequel, guess the audiences are still asleep. I guess that little Captain Dick never got her back. Last time I was here I was able to talk my way on since I was crew a couple of decades ago, this time they were closing her down so I didn't board her. Looking like she could use a coat of paint these days, and it is funny to see cannon hanging out of what was our gallery. I am still amazed that while piloting that ship with all of her sails up you could still fall off on the wheel, ease back in and feel the acceleration, just as if you were on a Sunfish, Hobie, or Precision. The principles of sailing still apply in tall ships too.
Those guys who won WW II were big guys in so many ways, and the women were too, but I guess I never knew just how big they were until I saw this in San Diego
Lastly go back and look at this week's title, if you, or anyone were to ever ask me that question how would I answer it? Go ahead, think for a couple of seconds I have plenty of time. For any trivial question asked I usually have a standard, pat, smart-ass answer. Got it yet? Well guess what? Guess who I saw in San Diego?
Thanks for the memories Bob, and thank you for what you did for millions of US service personnel for a very long time.
Home Saturday night  and probably all week, will update the Dink story-line as we go along.Thank you for your thoughts and prayers on her behalf. 

Friday, January 23, 2015

Ups and Downs

I'm in Jacksonville FL writing this as I watched my plane back out and head for Charlotte. It has literally been that type of week with airlines. I scored a free unexpected first class upgrade Tuesday on the way to Miami, used Silver Airlines twice, first and last, and just missed my flight home this afternoon, but got another no charge first class upgrade on the re-book. Silver uses a Saab which is a nice prop aircraft American used to use in the 90's, might have been the same ones............but our flight was late, my seat had no window, it took two hours to get from Miami to Jacksonville, we sat on the tarmac for an extra 15-20 minutes in 80+ degrees and they lost my bag. I mean come on, how do you do that? It all balances out, even Steven. Except when I saw this guy go by my window, OK you got me, I didn't have a window so this really didn't happen did it?
Or is it even Stephen? This is the type of subject that bothers me way too much. Take this for example, no sleeping in this hotel tonight, they can't manage to hang their sign straight?
It was a good week in Florida albeit with the beginnings of a head cold, never very pleasant but hopefully a quick one.
Dink keeps hovering, TAR sent me this from her phone last week, this was on December 31, hard to believe how much she has slipped since then. Really odd that she says the Roy is a good boy, we just don't know
Or is that a video of two old people reading the paper? 
And this is proof that drinking alcohol kills brain cells. Someone got a battery operated corkscrew a couple of years ago and really loves it, well someone bought a bottle of red wine that had a screw-off cap, and then someone tried to use the battery operated corkscrew on it. Not saying who that is of course as it might get me in trouble with my wife.

Leaving Sunday for Chicago, Wednesday from Chicago to San Diego, home late Saturday night. Maybe with enough Benedryl I can make it without grossing too many people out. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Quickly Quickly

.............there's not much time this week.
Went from Sunday to Thursday in Mississippi and Alabama this week, just didn't have a good flow, had too many hiccups this week on the road and at home. Had one distributor who was late for our meeting, said he'd been at the doctor who told him he has pneumonia and mononucleosis. Yes, that kind of week, one where my Mississippi rep and my wife both got the rear-ended, yes, that kind of week. Stop the snickering class. 
First of all a unc dig: remember how everyone says Coach K invented the flop? Remember what one of the tar babies said about how Smith told him to stay down? I never watch ESPN Sports Center at home, never, but seem to always watch it in hotels, well from this week's videos:
That's a little too much, and he got fined for it. 
I was thinking about our old church friend Jacques Passino this week for some reason, he relocated to Florida last year and we miss him. I looked him up on Google and found two really great pictures:

In the 60's he whipped Enzo so badly that Ferrari didn't come back the next year, claimed Ford cheated. Wonder how you cheat with experimental prototypes? He was a good guy and would take on any project at church. Yes, that's Freddy Lorenzen with him in the bottom picture. 
It's been 47 years since this guy walked back into the jungle in Vietnam and was never seen again. The US Army has been interviewing people and looking for his remains, maybe they'll find him and properly bury him one day. 
Darrell, you gotta hang on to the ball better than that, how many fumbles did he have? Interesting to see the numbers on the helmet, I didn't remember that. Rest In Peace
Reggie Love wrote a book. 
I don't recommend it, not a political statement, just don't recommend it.
If you do want to read one I suggest Bob Simpson's When The Water Smokes. I started it this week and got some much needed laughs, it's one of those books where you can not only visualize the events you can smell and taste them. 
Dink update: I visited her at lunch yesterday and she is very confused and disoriented. Lib Thornell hangs out with her just about daily, they've only been friends for a couple of hundred years. Remind me to tell you what Lib said at my daddy's funeral sometime......over the open grave. Priceless, seems as though I saw a couple of Daddy's young-ins shudder, absolutely shudder when she said it. I'll save that for later. Sadly Dink's comfort level is not what it was, TAR was there yesterday and said she wanted to get out of her bed. Pray for her comfort please. 
And thank you, Miami and Jacksonville next week, hoping for more grippage, Like that word? Grippage..................................