Friday, July 24, 2015

Aminals Aminals Aminals!!!

It is early Friday morning and I thought I would knock this out quickly with funny animal pictures, I can't remember which kid called an animal an aminal but it stuck.
A bald eagle perched on the side of the road in VA.
A dog gets a little worried about the change in his friend's change in attitude. Of course I liked the picture because the blonde resembled Jesse.
Jake and Sarge tussling over a milk carton in our back yard. My daddy used to tie an empty milk gallon over a low hanging oak tree limb and....................well hilarity ensued.  As one dog established dominance and took the jug he would move away, the increased pressure would cause him to lose his grip, the jug would go back to the neutral position and the game would reset. Entertainment came easy on Mill Street before cable television.
I've heard a lot from people who saw a shark at the beach, finally it is time to hear from the shark
Speaking of low hanging fruit this is a real photo from the Outer Banks, this innovative couple from Richmond are taking no chances by making a shark cage from plastic. I guess it worked, after all if you were a shark would you want to eat something this crazy?
I'll throw some NYC pictures in next week, but here is a teaser: SWMBO and I relaxing in a sleeper car on the way north. Although the train was about an hour late I found the trip more relaxing than ever.Maybe it was the bottle of gin we sneaked in? 
515 AM flight Monday morning to Texas, I'll put some NYC pictures on next week.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Home All Week

Fished last weekend with Pygmy, first time on the Parker since May 31; at this rate I should rent a boat instead of owning one. Gotta do better than that, FO is coming down Sunday so maybe we can get out that afternoon. Dave and I caught some trophies Saturday:

That dolphin put up quite the fight (see the blood? It's all my blood, little SOB caught me with a right hook that I didn't see coming). The king was delicious. And the king got me right on the same finger that I had to get lanced in Texas last year. Standby for updates.
And I found Gilligan's Island, but the castaways weren't there. Ginger or Mary Ann? I asked a friend that question and his answer was Mrs. Howell. Time changes your perspective, Lovey did have a certain je ne sais quoi.....................I don't know what that means I mean that means I don't know what. Confused I am. 
We had the #1 grandson here for a few days and one night he took his decrepit old grandpa out and showed him how to cast a net:
Just like a pro, not sure what kind of pro, but a pro!
Terri has been running back and forth to Sanford being Nana, I can't wait to get her to New York next week and spoil her.
In Wilmington this week for a day and while visiting a customer I saw this, you may remember I featured this Toyota Celica SUV in a blog post some time ago. It is still running, but come to think of it, maybe it's just in the same place because it won't start?
I saw this picture recently, probably one of the worst guys in the history of the world. I remember his trial and execution, but I didn't remember Dale Earnhardt being one of his escorts. Wonder what old Dale wanted to do with him? Odd photo.....
I am still amazed that I am around on Earth, I didn't plan on living this long, and it's been good and I'm glad I'm still kicking. And I'm even more surprised that none of the things I feared as a kid have gotten me. You know the things that we saw as children that scared us:
       anvils falling from any tall objects  
       pianos falling from any tall objects
       Russia taking us over
       nuclear bombs
       nuclear fallout from the nuclear bombs
       nuclear fallout from eating snow that was in the atmosphere during a bomb test
And to think of the things which were accepted:
       lack of car safety
       no bike helmets
       swimming in the river, which included jumping off the railroad trestle
       anything Hughtie Battle told us to do
       chemistry sets (see above)
       unlocked kitchen cabinets
Lucky for us those falling objects always made whistling noises...................................
So relax, have a martini and a cigarette; oh you're pregnant? Better make it a double.
Happy birthday Kristi
Next week: New York City (ahead and say it, I know you want to NEW YORK CITY!!!!!!!!!!!)                  

Friday, July 10, 2015

Pictures? Pictures!

And very little commentary, unless you would like to add your own. It's late and I've realized all you want to do is look at pictures anyway. Maybe I can figure out how to insert color-your-own pictures?
The original David Edward Riley
Thursday afternoon I ended up in Williamsburg and decided to take the ferry shortcut. Great idea idea all the way up until I had to sit and wait about 15 minutes for the ferry. Anyway, an osprey built her nest on the piling next to the ferry, you know the piling that gets bumped every time the ferry comes in; I thought they were a little smarter than that.
Welcome tourists! Last weekend was the fourth and the dingbatters left their marks everywhere they went. There should be a law, oh, there is a law? 
But our new friends the Jets, I mean the Sharks are doing their best to keep the ditdots straight. And remember, each and every time you put your big toe in the ocean, you are the tourista
Yeah, I don't know why either, it just is
For the past thirty some years SWMBO has told me about the What-A-Burger every time I mentioned the Whataburger. I'd eat at a Whataburger and after my burger I would say "what a burger!" which was followed by her re-telling of the What-A-Burger story involving her brother asking for a cheesehamburger............please, before telling that story again allow me to gather the children.............................Anyway, in Norfolk this week, driving along phone in hand and I looked up and voila! The What-A-Burger
.....................not to be confused with
And to further confuse the matter there is yet another small chain around Concord which shares a similar name, and has cherry sun drops...................but I digress. 
I've seen some good shots in my time but this is something else
A good hunt turned into a great hunt. Didn't even have to clean his shotgun. 
That's it, in town most of next week!
Get well Holly. 

Friday, July 03, 2015

Happy 35th to Jay!

We are proud of you young man, I know you have more than enough on your plate right now but remember you don't have to worry, only pray, be strong.

Elizabeth and Daisy are here to celebrate the 4th of July this weekend. Remember what happened on the 4th of July kids? That's right, that is when we moved to Morehead City many years ago. Let freedom ring. Oh, and Jackson is here too.
Donald Trump is running for president. Let's see, where should we start? How about a campaign theme song? "We shall over-comb, we shall over-comb" They (who? "they!") have already started taking media income away from him and as a citizen of the universe I think it is about time. He's had control of the Miss Universe pageant forever and has secretly been rigging the outcome. I say throw the book at him! How do I know this? Well at this point my evidence is all circumstantial, but as far as I can tell the "Miss Universe" title has always gone to someone from Earth. Off with his head, and start with that rug!
I told you something was different about those sharks; funny to hear so many scanner calls this week for someone seeing "fins." But the water is warmer than usual and they are in closer than usual; something is different. Go swim in the Neuse, no wait, they're there too. How about Harker's Island? There too, how about the pool at the Holiday Inn Express?
No one remembers television antennae, or rabbit ears as we called them. But I read recently where two antennae got married; the wedding was so so but I heard the reception was fantastic. 
I got no relief from my doctor's visit this week, I told him the song "What's New Pussycat?" keeps ringing in my ears; he told me "it's not unusual" and that I have Tom Jones Syndrome. There are other parts to that joke that I will keep to myself.
Saw this the other day and it was unusual:
I buried Paul.....................I'm very bored; something like that.
Daisy: See any change:
Much healthier and very obedient, not sure what time of the year these photos were taken?
And speaking of time, it's July.
The Chambers Brothers told us that the time has come today.
The Rolling Stones: Time is on your side
Bobby Zimmerman said that the times they are a changing.
But William Penn said that time is what we want most and use worst.
So get out there and enjoy it, but don't go in the water.
What a week, but there is a group which had an up and down week
Hope you take that with a grain of humor, it's meant to be funny you know?
Get well Holly.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Twenty Minutes To Post

Or at least that's how long until we start boarding, but it is 9:45 PM and there is a thunderstorm here in Charlotte and there is a ground stoppage on all gates..................this ain't looking good. Dang.
SWMBO has been grandma-ing all week, we imagine this is how the common toilet at the Billie Bee is used, not naming any names.......................
Great Father's Day weekend, got a star named after me (hint: it's in the constellation Dumasstoria) and a neat pair of gloves. Someone heard me admiring them while watching NASCAR and voila:
And the Constitution made it through another week. Wow. What a week.
In town next week, forecasting into 2016 and beyond. Now where did I put that magic 8 ball and Ouija board? 

Friday, June 19, 2015

Not Feeling Very Funny This Week

What is happening?
Hard to believe what happened in Charleston but apparently the church and the community have come together and decided not to burn their neighborhoods. It is very sad, beyond comprehension what causes human beings to do these things.
The Big Rock ended last Saturday, the most exciting part was Monday when our First Presbyterian pew-mate and his crew won the Fabulous Fisherman portion. No one has won it over the past few years and it rolled up to $365,000. Fabulous Fisherman pays the first 500 pound blue marlin to the scale, Shenandoah got there with a 503.6 pound fish a few minutes before Carly A. Attention to detail helped win a lot of money. Here's the moment they made the announcement, Alan Willis is getting a congratulatory hug from his wife Carole:
$365,000 !!!
And despite the events of the week that can make you smile. I was sitting in a restaurant in West Virginia when she sent that picture and I grinned all night. 
There is a movement afoot to place a woman's face on the twenty dollar bill. I'm not sure why they're deciding this is an important cause, but may I suggest:
And maybe that made you smile, it worked for me. 
Grandchildren are here, BEACH WEEK starts tomorrow. I hope it is a pretty weekend, because I'm wheels up at 515 AM Monday and wheels down at 1134 PM Friday. Texas seems like a nice cool place to be in late June doesn't it? It's OK, I got a note from my doctor that asked permission from SWMBO. I'm doing my best to keep her happy, we're planning a NYC trip in July.
I'll try harder next week, and I've got some funny stuff.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Live Well and Prosper

6:15 PM Friday and I just poured some (Johnnie Walker Red) cough syrup, first one in a while.....
I told you I would post more Go Pro videos in the future so here we go, US 70, also known as the NC Autobahn westbound last Sunday, you might notice the white lines are moving by rather quickly as I signal to the camera the speed:

Used suction mount on the gas tank. When I got home I mounted a receiver for my helmet, prepare to be bored to tears by endless video from this point on, I probably won't even bother to write anything anymore, as you probably ascertained I've been out of material for years now. 
We're getting ready to remodel our master bathroom, they brought in a new custom-built toilet for SWMBO this week:
Hilarious, they even thought to bring a special plunger. I think I should stick with video only from now on. (Sometime I exaggerate, this is one of those times, that part was all a joke, we aren't was only a joke, please don't call and ask if we are remodeling, we aren't. You see, the toilet is on the side of the highway and is huge, so, well never mind. I digress) Had a great week in OH and WV last week and will plan to spend a week in or around NC next week. We're getting caught up with yard and house work tomorrow and then plan to use the swimming pool (Boston Whaler) for some sun, sand and sea Sunday afternoon.
This is funny, especially if you're a Nats fan
Embedded image permalink
You know who I'm pulling for, bring her down to the bottom Dale, don't let him get under you (see, that was another really obscure NASCAR reference, the presidents race so I was thinking about the time Dale Jarrett won the Daytona 500 while his father called the race on CBS, where was I?) And speaking of sports teams is there anyone you recognize in this picture? Here's a hint: it was taken from Dink's 1942 HI-NOC-AR, and if you're scratching your head wondering what a HI-NOC-AR is, well you're not from Rocky Mount, and good for you! You might have to enlarge it a bit. 
This is just whacked:
I have no idea.......................
And now a religious joke:
Q: How many Baptists should you take fishing with you?
A: More than one. If you only bring one he'll drink all of your beer.
I got the message, from now on, only video!