Friday, July 25, 2014

Texas, Yes, Everything Is Bigger

In Texas this week, holy cow I am impressed with the personnel Terry Siegel arranged in Mineral Wells, and I'm not just saying this because my boss reads this..............................BTW, this is a pound of ribs at the RailHead, a lady in the office showed me a was the size of an apple, raised in TX!
Jackson and me at Rod and Debby's place in Beaufort, good food at a great place. And Debby turned 30-something last week
Pulling TAR and Cooper in good old Spooners Creek, I got them up to about 40 MPH and they were able to hold on, good going CookeeAnna crew!
Jenny eating crabs, that was a happy lady! Lucile's in Fort Worth, insert your own caption: and it's OK, she's cool with whatever you write
She signed a disclaimer.....................
And for your viewing entertainment, and absolutely guaranteed to make you laugh:
Made you laugh didn't it? I'm in with a good crew and I'm busy as forty...............
DC, NJ and wherever next week and I'm driving instead of flying!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Little Lord Fauntleroy

This week I traveled to Indianapolis, Chicago(land) and Milwaukee. A fun productive was had with a husband and wife team whose professionalism should be a benchmark in the industry. Really good people who are also a lot of fun. AND I caught a three leg trip home Thursday evening which worked all the way home; I should have bought a lottery ticket.
Here is my brother and his friend Butch all dressed up to go fishing, sorry, couldn't resist. And yes I'm jealous that they went..........and caught fish. Bet that was fun. Wonder if they ever dreamed as teenagers they would dress up like this to sneak up on a trout? Who took the picture?
So just when you thought you'd seen enough funny looking guys wearing shorts, we find this in the old cigar box; very appropriate follow up to the first picture don't you think? We were setting the fashion world on its ear with the sweater and shorts look which would eventually become popular many years later; trendsetters I would even dare to say. The US Navy surplus sailor caps didn't quite catch on the way we anticipated. Great picture from several decades ago, and yes that is Niagara Falls in the background. 
And this is just plain old funny. How quickly we forget. 
Back to HQ in Texas for more training early Monday morning, home Friday night. I'm getting acquainted with everyone who works in the New Bern and Charlotte airports. Happy birthday to Niece Kristie, Kristy, Kirstie, Krusty, ok, Kristi!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Nobody Bit?

So no one had a caption for last week's video? I am truly disapointed. So let's try another audience particpation, you pick a caption and make your own comment(s)
So this guy walked into a bar.......................................
Since the World Cup is here and we are guaranteed victory I will celebrate by painting my teeth, no? I mean come on, what can stop us now?  
No caption here, this was on display in an Arizona restaurant last week, to give you an idea of the size of the cake I asked that something be placed in the display; that is a bottle of BBQ sauce to the right of the cake. Jokes?
No joke here. This beautiful young lady was at our house last week to witness first hand what a hurricane is like. Fortunately Arthur was kind to us, and although we lost power our generator worked as planned, and Elizabeth had ice cold milk with her cereal Friday morning. I took this picture so she could send it to her mother in San Diego to show that all was well. 
Grand-dog Daisy on her first boat ride, she did very well. Had a little trouble with the throttle but steered like a champ. Think I'm going to give her opposable thumbs for Christmas. 
And out of nowhere a picture of my grandparents, wonder whose house they were in? I remember those fancy glasses, they were green and came from the Sinclair gas station. 
What are we going to do with these Heat season tickets? Watch Josh McRoberts? 
Hang on, I forgot this from last week. You may know that I have a habit of waving at airplanes or anything that flies overhead. I even waved at a drone recording the fireworks last week. I have been topped! While crossing the Roanoke River last week on AMTRAK I looked down and saw a guy standing on a rock in the middle of the river. He was wearing cutoff jeans, no shirt, yes, go figure.................................. as we passed he looked up and waved. A kindred spirit, probably in far too many ways. 
I was in Phoenix last week, they have sand storms that look like something out of Iraq. And 107 degree heat, yes I know..............dry heat.....................right, so is the oven.
Off to Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin next week. 

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Arthur! Arthur!

Arthur came and went, hope he wasn't viewed too lightly because the damage around our neighborhood wasn't that bad, especially for a  CAT 2 storm. We were without power from 10:30 PM until about 11:00 AM, not bad at all, and we got to use the generator for the first time. It worked well. Friday was so pretty that we took Elizabeth, Jackson and the grand-dog Daisy out for a boat ride. Found some flotsam, but nothing good enough to keep, awwwwwwwwwwwwwww
It was a lot different when I came in on the AMTRAK bus Friday afternoon, I thought we were in for a bad one.
Now for some levity, more often than not I ask for audience participation and more often than not I get very little. This is easy, you don't have to give the punch line, you can if you like, but let's see if you can give the setup line. And it's OK if you answer as ANONYMOUS. Here we go: week we will work on the punch line.
And speaking of punch lines, on my way to the airport in Dallas a couple of weeks ago I drove by a Frisbee golf course. I looked over and saw a guy in a ditch under a low hanging branch trying to throw his disc. See, if you look hard enough you can find an honest man.
Last week in Maryland, Virginia and DC. Next week in Phoenix, yes, at 107 degrees (it's a dry heat) I'm crazy but the hotel rooms are cheap this time of the year.  

Friday, June 27, 2014

(warning: this blog has been rated R (Restricted – under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian)

Everything is bigger in Texas
Having a productive week in the West, got a lot done, got a lot to do, and now will be travelling each week through July. I thought this was going to be the summer of George, sitting around with a big hunk of cheese..............
And speaking of food, I have tried plenty this week and each meal has been great. I went into a Mexican restaurant with a high Urban Spoon rating Wednesday that did not offer alcohol. Had salmon and ribs at the boss' house Tuesday night, a Mexican reception for me at my rep's office Thursday, even found an In-N-Out Thursday night. I'm thinking I will run home tonight rather than take the plane, maybe I can work off half of those additional calories.
Among my many other bad characteristics (TAR has a 1,000 page book listing just a few of mine if you'd like a copy it's on Amazon) I have the dietary habits of a twelve year old, but I didn't eat these:

Proud of me aren't you? I saw this picture in a Fort Worth restaurant Wednesday, tell me your first thought when you read his name...

Yeah, I thought the same thing. Fortunately I was on my way out of the restaurant so they didn't have to toss me out, and I'll just bet I wasn't the first one to sing that at the top of my lungs, well maybe I was the first one so off key?
Before you say in your urban voice "oh no you didn't" no I didn't. I decided on the Japanese weinerschnitzel, it had a whimsical taste but after digestion they united in a distrustful axis and decided to try to take over my world. Too soon?

An actual sign seen in Dallas, care to make a joke or two, three, four? I'll get you started:
  • Can I use your fitting room?
  • What do you mean you only have an off-premises license? That is soooooooooooo retro
  • Having a sale this weekend, the sign says "come one come all"
  • Thinking about buying a new one, do you take trade-ins? OK, I'll try to sell it on Craig's List.

Fill in your one-liners in the comments section. That should just about offend everyone and if I did, sorry. That is a real sign for a real store in Dallas and I couldn't resist.
Maryland, DC, and who knows where next week, and then the day when our nation celebrates our biggest birthday, yes Jay turns 34 on the 5th. 

Friday, June 20, 2014


First of all I've never seen a picture of me in my boat, yes that did sound a little Gump-ish there didn't it? Thanks to the FO for sending me that picture. We fished with his daughter last weekend; she had trouble with the "fun" part of fishing.................we had a lot of fishing and not too much catching. A fun weekend nevertheless, good food and good company. We laughed, and we all need to do more of that these days.

Nice little cobia gave her a fit, especially after I hit him in the tail with the net, I wanted to make sure he gave he a good tussle. 
We decided to come in a couple of hours earlier than scheduled, I told Amanda that in trying to decipher the summer weather pattern I've sat at the house in pretty weather and been caught outside when it was nasty, I prefer missing the forecast sitting inside. We caught just a little bit of a shower and then got in just at the right time Saturday

And here what I hope will be one of the last sights many fish will ever see, thanks again for the pics. 

In other news Casey Wagner did indeed win the Big Rock, lots of happy faces when he pulled in with his fish. Congratulations to Inspiration. 
Statistics about this website: I've posted 392 posts seen be 43,447 people. 53% of views used mobile phones so they never get to see the statistics. I've changed the listing to the number who look at it daily for a change of pace.
I've got a lot of World Cup jokes ready, I'll save them for a later date, but did you see that guy score? I mean actually get a goal? Very exciting!
Here's where it gets weird, TAR and I watched the old movie Pillow Talk last night; yeah, not much on, but in an odd way we both enjoyed it. No nasty comments, OK, just a few, but it was really funny. Great line from Rock to Tony about his numerous failed marriages "you're only ambitious when you're getting ready to climb into the ring." That's funny. 
Beach week begins tomorrow, I'm heading to Mineral Wells and Dallas. My new employer is working two shifts a day, six days a week, good news. Stay cool. 

Friday, June 13, 2014

June 13, 2014
Really?  Or......................Where's Waldo?

Short haul week, in and around NC for some distributor calls, even got to bounce a grandchild on my knee Thursday afternoon.
Let's see, where were we? Oh yes, while in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago I was listening to terrestrial radio when an ad appeared..........................the ad was telling about an area youth soccer team which was preparing for tryouts. This was not a public service ad advising parents that the league was going to have tryouts, this was a paid ad telling parents how to have their children try out for this one team. One team.....paid ad...............the only way I can begin to try to justify this is that maybe, just maybe one of the bigwig parents on the team owns the radio station. Even then I can't really understand. As Professor McCants so eloquently stated (or something to this effect): it isn't a UNC problem, it's a NCAA problem; or better yet....................... an amateur sports problem.
Off the rant; it seems as though everywhere I go there are advertisements trying to sell giant things, or sell things to giants. Either way I guess I'm missing out on a market segment. Regardless, a store in Durham is trying to cash in. For regular sized people I think the concept of a giant laptop defeats the intent of a laptop. Maybe a giant-sized laptop helps with the nearsighted. Or is it the farsighted? Or is this too insightful? Or do I have too much time behind the windscreen without satellite radio?

OK, time to play Where's Waldo? The FO found this picture online this week, from a party last weekend celebrating the beginning of our little local fishing tournament. I don't want to jinx anything so I'm not going to mention the name of the tournament or the name of the gray(er) headed guy I'm talking with..........but I sure do hope we congratulate him tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 PM.

Now Where's Waldo gets harder. This was in the local newspaper Wednesday and I sent it to the FO to see if he could..............find Waldo. Took him all of 30 seconds, I think he must be doing this a lot online or something. See if you can find Waldo, the FO did, and TAR didn't take too much longer. Here's a clue, I have sunglasses on...............
And tomorrow we fish! Gotta find some dinner fish for the Highs. No pressure