Friday, March 27, 2015


Went to the Last Resort this past week and managed to get behind everyone who sits in the left hand lane with their turn signals on; honestly on more than one occasion I couldn't see the driver. I did not accomplish my goals for the week, but the airlines were pretty close to being on time and I got home safe and sound. And I'll be in the office all next week, I hope SWMBO can handle it. Oh, and at least it was pretty in Florida one evening:
Last Saturday we went to Durham to enjoy our nephew's daughter's birthday. At some point we put their kids along with Jay and Holly's kids together for a picture. Imagine if you were to shepherd a big bunch of kittens, it was kind of like that. How many thoughts and conversations are going on in this picture?
My birthday is coming up soon and I know I'm easy to "present" or "gift-card" (those were used as verbs there), but here is something I've got my good eye on................follow the link if you dare:
Micky Mantle was 19 years old when he hit a homer 550-600 feet. I'm not sure why this is in here but it is, and its a good picture of number 7.
Saw this on the road between Tallahassee and Daytona Beach Tuesday evening. I always liked the VW camper-van, this guy took it up a notch. I think he started out with a VW camper-van and then took some LSD. The thing on top is not standard equipment, it is a pickup truck cap. My romance with the VW camper-van is over. 
I've caught some grief over the past few years because my profile pictures usually do not involve my face. I've documented why over the past few weeks, after all you can't make chicken salad out of chicken manure (you're thought I was going to say chicken shit weren't you?) but after my last haircut I decided to update my look, No more hiding behind a helmet visor, I'm out there now, the new picture is on the right side of the blog, like it? Yes I do look older. 
That's it from the old eastern shore, RIP Joe Fristik. 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

WHOA! What Was That?

A rare Thursday evening post, I got in late tonight and have more than a full day tomorrow followed by a quick run to Durham to help Caroline celebrate her birthday at the Durham Museum of Life and Science on Saturday. Going to be another short weekend. My flights were late tonight, but I'm home safe and sound before midnight. 
So this squirrel knows how to fly a model plane and someone is recording both the plane and the owner as he gets something out of his car? Hmmmm, not sure I'm buying the premise of this video but what the heck, I'm in! How did that squirrel learn to fly so quickly? He must be a genius, or a flying squirrel. 
And kudos to the owner for the perseverance to keep running on the ground after the airborne squirrel, All right, maybe the storyline was a bit contrived. Did I mention I went to see 50 SoG?
This boat is for sale in Morehead City:
It is a Bass Tracker 17 with not only a pilot house but also a raised pilot station. I'm pretty sure if I hauled my lard arse up there it would simply fall over.
This from the Wal-Mart in Morehead City. Some of my readers are probably qualified to estimate the caliber, some aren't, but who mounts weapons under their bumper? 
Deer hunters? Fast drivers? Ferguson Police Department? See? Went too far!
If you're from Rocky Mount this picture will warm the cockles of your heart:
But then again if you're from Rocky Mount you're probably looking up the word "cockles" right now. I had to look up the spelling. Anyway it's getting near time for the annual shad run, I might have to work in a couple of hours of casting, getting hung, and slipping in the mud. That is an excellent picture of those rickety old piers that used to be there, how they survived so many floods is beyond me. I saw someone................. well I saw the shadow of someone walk off one of those one night. He fell into about 6 inches of water and 3 feet of good old tumor-inducing Tar River mud. Looking back on that night I should have turned the lantern back on...............................
Last but not least, the photograph of me from the 80's that I mentioned last week. Floyd Brown took that picture somewhere out on the East Side and I always liked it. I even smiled purdy for the camera. I gave it to SWMBO and she put it in the sun room, she said she always wished I would be..........
Sorry for the blur, that is a photograph of a photograph, if you want to view it please visit Morehead City, tours are available.
Oh yeah, I ate some asparagus for supper.
OK, hope you are duly offended in oh so many ways, off to Florida next week, then I'm going to stay home for one week, I promise. Off to bed.

Friday, March 13, 2015

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Noooooooooooooooooooooo!

Looks like my favorite television show might have just bit the bullet. No I'm not talking about The Simpsons or Family Guy...................or Bob's Burgers. I'm talking about BBC's Top Gear. Sounds like Jeremy went bazooka (worked in another dinkism) and made a mess at the taping of one of this season's episodes. Not only has taping ceased, they might not show what they have in the can. Racist comments, fisticuffs, allegations, threats, hell, throw in some homophobia and it sounds like a typical family reunion to me. I've enjoyed your shows boys, TAR is beside herself with grief.
But we go on. Speaking of silliness, Terri took an excellent picture of me last month and I just have to share it. Never heard me say I liked a picture of myself have you? There is one that Floyd Brown took of me many many years ago that I like...................know why? You can't see my face! Because when I pose for a picture it kinda looks like I just had a stroke and crapped my pants. Sorry, I didn't get that smile purdy for the camera gene like SWMBO did. So enjoy:
Saw this today and it reminded me why I do not, repeat do not want to go camping. I laugh at the RV camping commercials on the air, it never shows the kids projectile vomiting in a wet sleeping bag while it rains; au contraire they're always roasting marshmallows and smiling while pensively thinking these are the best days of my life.
My rep called me last week and told me I needed to be in northern VA in time for an 8:00 AM meeting Monday. I told him I was a little pissed that I had to drive up Sunday afternoon, that is one concession I will give to science of growing old, I don't like having to leave town on Sundays. Anyway, I also told him on Tuesday that I was happy I did that; otherwise I would have been in that AMTRAK crash Monday. While in around DC this week I noticed there are more than a few government-type people there. Did you know that? Interesting to read in The Washington Post how much "we" hate Hillary. I guess they haven't figured out that she might eventually be the Democrat Party candidate, anyway, saw this picture of what liars sometime look like:
And one more Dink joke, really I'll stop at some point, but a couple of years ago the Roman Catholic church elected a new Pope about this time of the year. He looks like Jack Roush but that is another story. Dink said she was glad they elected someone early that week because she did not want the media coverage to interrupt her scheduled viewing of the ACC tournament.
Louisiana again next week.

Friday, March 06, 2015

I'm Not Loaded

.......with any extra time this morning so this will be done quickly. I've been in GA this week and have a morning meeting then hit the road for home. Since I have to be in DC Monday morning I'm squeezing a little time. We're making preparations to sell Dinkus Maximus' condo so if you like to live at the beach (near the beach) and have a famous neighbor (Billy Joe Royal) you should contact me. Yes, lifestyles of the rich and famous are at your fingertips.
And speaking of Fingertips, surprisingly no obscene comments about Stevie's sight issues, hmmmm, is this part of the conspiracy?
Saturday we said good bye to Dan Kassick in Sanford. Not only did he hire me and give me a chance, but he also re-hired me and gave me a second chance. Many of my business practices and philosphies were shaped by him, even down to the no alcohol during Lent thing (make sure you can do this every year) I'll miss him, and I know his family is hurting. 
Recognize the knotheads?
Yes, that was a few years ago; I think it was at Annapolis at Bancroft Hall, or maybe at the Jones' crypt. The stairs look very dark. Or maybe it was in ...........................
Recognize this lady? Saw her picture recently, I'd have never known her
Take a guess.
Last but not least I often offend someone with this lunacy I call my blog. With the Duke-tarbabies game this weekend, and in the sense of fair play and sportsmanship I give you a recap of the last game at Durham. unc had a sizeable lead at the end of the game and then..............well I'll let Pablo tell you the rest of the story. Thank you to Sanford's Jerry Stephens for sending me this, no matter what side of the struggle you're on it's funny.
Good luck to all, 7:00 AM and I gotta go!

Friday, February 27, 2015

I'm Late, I'm Late

It's been a busy week at the Roofing and Rental shows in New Orleans. The rental show is big, everything from chocolate fountains to self-contained rental chair cleaning machines. They don't like it when you put your head under the chocolate fountain and make YUMMY noises, or run your hand into the washer. I'm not sure what happened in my brain years ago but I've just never been a big fan of that city. Don't care for Cajun food or music, and stumbling down Bourbon Street isn't my idea of a good time. Not that I haven't done it mind you, but as a driver said it's a good thing it rained so much the week after Mardi Gras because it rinsed the streets of ..................well, you know. Honestly the entire party area is (not unlike Key West and Times Square) very hygienic, if you're a fan of the culture please go!
Had dinner with the Ventamatic crew Tuesday and ran into an old friend from Alabama for Wednesday night; somewhere out there I need to get into a gym, or better yet a sauna. 
My definition of New Orleans these days:
Yeah, kinda like that. 
Good trip
Went to Nashville NC today for some estate work, and got to tour a little bit of Rocky Mount and Nash County. It has changed so much.
I found this video in my phone this week, it came from a couple of Saturdays ago when I got a few gasoline powered products out of the shop to see if they would crank and/or run. Like music to my nearly deaf ears:
Let's see, what else did we learn this week? Oh yes, Stevie ain't not be blind! Seems as though Stevie be pulling your collective legs for some time, and yes, there are websites which are devoted to dispelling that horrible horrible lie. I don't know for sure....................but I do know I saw him on television recently and he appeared (notice how I stayed away from the term looked?) blind. 
See? Oops, sorry, understand? No wait, he caught that mike stand! He must be a physic (dinkism).
I got in late last night and was able to stay awake long enough for monologues, and Jimmy Kimmel rocked on the anti-vaccination movement:
When I am able to stay awake long enough to watch the late shows I often get confused as to which I should watch. Kimmel is probably the most imaginative, Letterman is still very polished and funny, and Fallon is a barrel of laughs. This popped up while looking for something else:
At about 1:15 it gets really funny.  Wait a second, what? A swing and a miss, sorry Jimmy.  No wait, not a swing and a miss, more like a called third strike.
GA next week, ready for some sunshine. 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Let's Play Jeopardy!

And the correct answer is Frozhisassof, Frozhissassof. Back to the board contestants.............
My DC trip was cancelled and that ended up being a very good thing, lots of paper to push and travel each week from now through the last week in March.
Saw this picture on Facebook last week; that is my uncle's old hot dog stand on Falls Road and the boat was built by our neighbor Wiley Curtis Ezzell, or "Goog" as we knew him. Yes, another Rocky Mount nickname. We had a 14' Carolina boat made around Lumberton NC like that, then a 16' with a 33 HP engine. Goog built a side console for the 16' boat; using a steering wheel seemed like mighty high cotton. Another Goog story: when Goog died Daddy called me and said something like "the bass in Chowan River are breathing a lot easier today knowing he's gone." Goog didn't practice catch and release, he added "filet" in the middle. Pretty boat although I really liked the white and dark green color that we had a little bit better.
Ahhhhhh the Hot Dog Stand. Now I'm getting hungry. We went to see 50 SOG this evening and dinner was late. 
Last week on the Texas trip I read NC Wildlife, even though they only publish every other month it is still one of my favorite reads. Jim Dean is a great writer for the magazine and had an interesting article about spinning reels that took me back. Since it was Dean's I read it first, OK I see here's an article about Lake Mattamuskeet. I only remember fishing there once or twice with Daddy and they aren't good memories for whatever reason. I fished off the bank down there a couple of times, and there's a picture of some old guy using a spin-caster reel like he used to use..........hey wait a second!
Sweet fancy Moses who is that? I don't think it's Daddy but it sure does look like him, as in just like him and his rod and reel. 
The end of the winter is in sight, this weekend three words: Daytona. Was that three words? It is if you're from eastern NC, even ends in an "errrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" And without Kurt Busch, big step there NASCAR, good for you. You can't hit a woman.
Tomorrow I have a board meeting at 10:00 then to Sanford for Cooper's blue and gold banquet. Sorry I can't help Elizabeth with her move but we'll try to get there next weekend.........with Jackson's microwave. 
And my grand-dog can talk, we knew she was going to before it was all over (Dinkism)
Next week is New Orleans, and remember contestants, your answer must be phrased in the form of a question. The correct response was what did John do this morning? What did John do this morning? You were thinking Romanian literature, weren't you? Now back to the board

Friday, February 13, 2015

All of That and More

Thank you for your thoughts over the past few weeks, the send-off was nice last Friday, other than the fact that the minister didn't read her favorite Psalm like I asked........................It's a good day when you hear that much laughter at a funeral. And someone sent a vanilla folder of poems to the family care of the church with segments of her obituary on the envelope, sweet, and yes, there was a little Dinkism in there, please add your own. So long Dink!
Still talking................
Got to see this youngin in Rocky Mount, deployments get tougher and tougher
Everything is bigger in Texas! TAR accompanied me this week to Houston, San Antonio, Fort Worth and Mineral Wells. We'll get home tomorrow night. 
Everything is indeed bigger in Texas, everything except for this:
Hope I didn't alienate too many readers with that comment. It is much smaller in appearance when you think back to the movie scenes from your childhood. We got there at 5:00 so we weren't able to see very much of the Alamo, but I did buy a book about those revolutionary days, and I will read it.
SWMBO captured the essence of San Antonio's RiverWalk
Someone posted this on Facebook this week, see if you can find Waldo (that would be me) from the second grade
I remembered nearly all of the names, can't remember breakfast though.................
And now for that wacky humor which keeps me amused:
Well I can't go now.......I'd been swimming, they know about the shrinkage don't they?
I'll just slip into the deuce hole stall for a single, no wait! I hear cello music
Great, I'll never go again, but go I must, off to DC/MD/VA next week