Friday, November 21, 2014


After a long boring day trying to get to Texas on Monday we settled into a week of meetings planning 2015 and beyond. Look out!
I enjoy travel, but this week was harder in that Dink went into a nursing home Tuesday, fortunately my brother, his wife and the unsinkable TAR were able to handle the task. I don't think she's coming home again, but I've been dead wrong on those predictions before. Like the adjective?
A good week in Texas, sometimes you find these little tidbits that make you smile:
No I didn't, this time anyway, maybe next time.
How about one of these, a 120 V air dryer for shoes, boots and gloves. Neat idea, let me know if you want to buy a couple of thousand, I'm your guy
TAR has a birthday next week and it's one of those that ends in a ZERO, not saying which. I've been looking for lots of thoughtful, wonderful gifts which express my love and happiness at this great event. We're planning a mini-vacation in December, finally a dinner at the Farmer and the Chef, but I keep wondering and searching for the perfect gift. Your thoughts?

Get off your high throne there dear readers, this is a legitimate product although the ad is a tad disconcerting. 
Racing congratulations to Kevin Harvick and Tony Stewart, and even to those stinkin' tar babies. Good game, catch you next year. 
Wheels down at 11:40 something tonight and we have a full weekend planned. Good luck to Lewis Hamilton in Abu Dhabi Sunday, I hope you'll be a good champion. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

There's A New Riley In Town!

Welcome to our Earth young Samuel James Riley, born Wednesday November 12; mother and child and older sisters are doing well, not so sure about the grandparents. They have that thousand yard stare thing going........................OK Samuel, promise me that you'll take me fishing when I'm old and gray and have snot running down my nose and have wet my pants (your father will explain that). And promise me that you will grow up to be a wonderful child of God and take care of our Earth. Love the Lord and treat others better than you expect to be treated and I will be one proud uhhhhhhhhhh what am I now, great-uncle? Can't imagine living up to that title. 
That picture is too pretty for words.
So we move on to the next subject; naming babies, Samuel huh? And again, why is there no Duke in the middle? Saving it for the next dog ain't you? That's all right, don't name those youngins Duke, or Betty either for that matter. See what I name my next dog! Jackson, that name is wide open for you!
How about Meshach? Abednego? Or better yet (you have to make a comment if you remember this Old Testament story, it's like a rule or something)
Everybody know that ain't how you spell Shadrach! Or shad roe for that matter, now I'm getting hungry. How long until the shad start running?
While communicating with an old friend and customer in Fort Worth last week I found this:
Randy Boyd is in the blue blazer, he was the HARDI president that year and the hottie asking grace was the president of the auxiliary group HALO. She worried about this moment for four years as she worked her way through the HALO chairs, and I told her the blessing would be written for her and no one would watch while she asked it. I was the infidel who decided to take her picture during this, so I was the only one with his eyes open. She's purdy ain't she?
If loving you is wrong...........................I lost my thought there, this from the Soup last week:
Watch where you're going! Now you have just a small hint at what it's like to ride a motorcycle

After that I know what you're thinking, why the hell has it taken so long to make a flying car? I've been waiting since I was about 8, is this the best we can do?
Second best use of a Pinto in my opinion......................
But here we are

As my daddy said when they announced the formation of a committee to build the WWII memorial in DC.................................."well it's about damned time" I'm ready, are you?
And speaking of being ready, Dink was in and out of the hospital last weekend. She took two units of blood which for the first time didn't perk her up. Perhaps she got some ne'er do well idler's blood, or maybe her 91 years are catching up with her. Regardless, things are changing for her, but as home health visited with her today she was knitting a baby blue (say it with me) affffaghhhan. Something like that. And no, Samuel already has his.
Full circle, catch that? Wheels up at 5:20 AM Monday, back to New Bern at 11:40-something Friday night, going to be a long week but we move closer to finalizing 2015 plans.
It's a good gig. 

Friday, November 07, 2014


When I was a kid there was a British comedy show called That Was The Week That Was. Someone in America picked it up one summer, probably my introduction to wry humor. Anyway, TWTWTW.
Lewis Hamilton won the US GP and it was a good race. There is so much room to pass on that circuit, that and Monza have to be the best of the high speed courses. And I cannot stress how impressive the Ferrari engines sound on every gear change.................enough, yea I know, I'll quit. 
No one guessed, but that's OK, audience participation is irrelevant,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,no it's not but I'll get over it. Here's the hat from Austin, Pygmy kinda guessed it correctly so he wins a hat, but not this one. Part of the proceeds go to head and neck injury research. 20 years, so sad. 
Had a broken eggs trip to the DC market; it started out as a bit of a mess and ended up being a pretty good week. Got to see some old familiar faces, stayed in an old Alexandria hotel where I used to stay in the 80's, 90's, well, you get the idea. Walked to Old Town for dinner, that is such a beautiful area. And ate goooooooooooooooooood, or I mean well. 
Got in late last night and ascertained at some point today that Dink was not doing well. She's gone into the hospital twice before when her hemoglobin dropped, just looking at her this morning I could see a big difference since Monday. We got her GP to order blood work, later this afternoon we got the call to bring her into the shop for a refill. At this hour TAR has just got home, we're not sure how long she will be in, but this time I don't think they will do the battery of tests as before so she might not be in the hospital as long. I know a lot of people are praying that she will come home soon; we call those people doctors and nurses at the hospital. Seriously, maybe she can avoid rehab this time. Hope she feels better quickly. Apologies to the Fishin Optishin, no fishing this Saturday, and too bad, it looks as though the stars were aligning for a spectacular day. Dangit, 2X sorry. 
Seems as though that young fellow who popped OBL in the forehead came forward this week. We met him in Florida last year at an industry meeting, great motivational speaker. His main topic that day was his participation in the Captain Phillips action, lo and behold he's the guy who shot Obama, I mean Osama
Next week I was to be in Florida but that's been knocked back so I get to spend a day with my colleagues in Charlotte. Should be educational and fun.
And this is here because I guess someone caught me at a light bustin a move:
I miss riding my bike, it's some of the most fun I've ever had with all of my clothes on. Someday soon I'll have a spare day........................

Friday, October 31, 2014

Pick The Title

It's up to you to pick the title of this week's entry, either:

Euro-Trash? Them's My Peeps!
I've Got A Feeling We're Not In Rockingham Anymore.......................

There is so much to cover, last weekend the FO and I went fishing. We were unsuccessful with the big fish but I love this shot of a home-made downrigger on blue water
 Nice picture of CooKeeAnna, but again, who took it?
FO caught the prettiest flounder I've ever seen slung over the rail, right at 5 pounds and mighty tasty Saturday night. We found a few greys Sunday to complete the weekend, but alas and alack no kings. 
5:20 AM flight is now a 5:30 AM flight, left Monday morning for planning meetings at HQ in Texas, good week. Took one of my associates to DFW Thursday evening and then headed to Austin to see really fancy some cars run. Saw this and got discouraged...................
 No, this old girl didn't run, she wanted to but she's a little too old to get out there. She's a beauty
Oh my goodness I love Texas, too bad I was driving a sensibly priced econo-box rental I can barely make it to the edge......................
So I finally made it to Austin and to the track in time for the first practice session. This is one beautiful track, tune in Sunday afternoon for the show
This is the first turn after an uphill front straight, I was surprised to see nearly all of the drivers smoke at least one of their tires going in, sorry the shot isn't good enough to show their marks. During the warmer afternoon session I didn't see any do it, and their times were about 4 seconds slower. Amazing how technical this sport has become. Although Head Asshole Ecclestone continues to toy with the formula (the last race is double points, I'll let you know next year whether or not I like this idea that I came up with......) in Formula One the engines sound completely different. But still the Ferrari engines sound like an explosion during their micro-second gear changes, some things never change. 
Everything is bigger in Texas, and more expensive, but still FUNKALICIOUS
 And one good shot of Lewis, a nice young man I hope will win.
After walking around the track during P-1 I finally found my seat, directly across from Victory Circle. There is plenty of video coverage so I guess this would be a decent place to watch the race and what happens afterwards. Again I recommend it to you, if you have the means............ 
If your last name ends in Y you are salivating right now. It's after 10 on Friday night and I haven't had supper, so I'm going like Pavlov's dog. I don't know why this is here, just thought I'd throw it in as I wait for my meal. 
And so this is my report for this week. My plan was to get back to DFW late Friday night and catch an airport hotel, get up at 3:00 AM for my 5:??AM flight..........then decided it would be late when I got to the airport, what the heck, I'll dump the POS rental, check my bag, clear security, have dinner then read and nap until all went according to plan until I got to the counter. And by the way, more than one person told me I wasn't 25 anymore, US Airways is closed after 8:00 PM or so because they have no more flights. I talked with TSA and there were no other solutions, and no where to eat outside the secure area, so what should I do? Seriously, don't you know where I am right now? Double Jeopardy question, 10 seconds
And in closing, yes I bought a hat at the race track, my hair is indeed thinning and this was planned protection (insert birds and bees music). So I ask you good weekly readers, what driver did I honor with my purchase? The winning entry gets a hat.
You have 30 seconds and remember your answer must be in the form of a question, and yes Anonymous, I welcome your question/answer also
I've got some (in my opinion) good videos I might try to post from COTA
Next week, familiar surroundings in northern VA/MD
And RIP Skip Waters, I was really sorry to hear of your passing, you brought it home really well. 
And only by a few minutes this was still a Friday post, OCD rules!

Friday, October 24, 2014

How About A Quickie?

Good week on the road, even got to see Jackson and fire up a 1956 Jaguar XK 140 at a friend's house Tuesday night. I don't think my SCCA license is renewable so it's not going to be my ride.
Found this in the files,again, the best dog ever.
 I haven't been able to sleep since I saw this. Why? Why? Why? One brick short of a load?
I was online with an old racing buddy Thursday night and found this. It's from the 1979 Old Dominion 500 in Martinsville. I was taking pictures for the NCMS, Darrell Waltrip blew his engine and came into the pits and exchanged his engine in 11 minutes. It was the fastest engine change during a NASCAR race, and may have been the last one as NASCAR stopped the practice shortly after. I was in the pits, Darrell never got out of the car. I handed him some tools to disassemble the gear shifter and then got the heck out of the way. See if you can find Waldo (in this case Waldo would be me). Buddy Baker won the race under the red flag, sitting on the track with a flat front tire. It was his day. Find me yet?
We heard an amazing speaker last night, . Hire him if you want to hear some great stories about espionage, real-life not James Bond, although you may confuse fiction from fact if you listen carefully, and I'll bet you will.
Off to the factory next week for planning meetings, and then a little side trip to Austin Friday, I heard they're trying to have a little car race there next weekend.
Look for me, I'll be wearing a cap. 
Fishing tomorrow, we're going for the bigguns..............

Friday, October 17, 2014

K Passer?

And with that I'll stop.
Oh no they didn't!
(actual billboard in Pennsylvania)
And you think I tell boring stories, notice how it is getting dark at night lately?
Which is harder to believe:
a) Matthew McConaughey (sp?) drives a Lincoln?
b) They paid one of the coolest actors in HollyLand to make an ad for an old woman's car?
c) John Lennon is alive, living in Scranton PA and working at a McDonald's?
This is funny, it's a good start but watch the white car on the left side at 0:57, clever! GoPro cameras are amazing, even if one did cause Schumacher's skiing accident. 
I activated my Sirius again this week and I heard this yesterday afternoon on Tom Petty's weekly radio show. Talking about a cool dude, wonder if he's going to start advertising for an insurance company? Bet your toes start tapping any minute now, BTW, this is 48 years ago if you're keeping score at home. 
Speaking of selling, who needs a fan? I've got a special on 30 inch pedestal fans, just call...........

Friday, October 10, 2014

Last Week: Udder Nunsense

This week asks a question......................

.......................OK, that is a stretch but who cares? This is for my entertainment, if you're looking for grandchildren pictures you might try Facebook. And then you'll also find out what that girl who didn't act like she knew you in high school had for dinner last night.
(Clue: try it with a southern drawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwl)

I went to Niagara Falls this week, it's been well documented how much I like that place. My faded memory includes the recollection that about the time we were there a family went over the falls. Last week's picture was dated July 1960 and that is indeed when there was an accident and that a young boy went over wearing a life jacket and made it. Want to read a great story?
Lots of courage to go around in that story. 
Did someone say I'd like to see something even neater than that?
Did someone say keep on rocking? No? No one...................................