Friday, August 29, 2014

It's An Early Post

.....or very late, seems like old times trying to commuicate between several time zones, but here we go for this week from Seattle, or is it Portland? One of the two

While in the car this week I listened to Jim Rome interviewing Duke's head football coach Cutcliffe. He said that Duke had a very good year last year and they expect to win 8+ games a year from now on. 6 games were won and lost in the fourth quarter and that is a big difference between 6 wins and 11. They didn't have a good practice day that day and that is a day lost due to indifference and that disturbed him quite a bit. Rome said that's an old cliche, and Cutcliffe replied that old cliches are used over and over because they are true. Rome said he would use that line again, which is ironic. But what he said next really was important about the quality of players Duke recruited recently, he uses three rules for potential high school recruits:
  1. They look at their social media posts; suspicious or immoral and they do not pursue
  2. When they bring a recruit in for an on-campus visit they listen closely to their players, if they have concerned about character and morals they do not pursue
  3. When talking with a HS recruit they talk with the recruit, his parents, high school teachers and coaches and no one else. If the recruit wants to involve other relatives, advisers or "representatives" they do not pursue.
  4. See a common thread? I do, and just because others look the other way doesn't make it right.

Next subject: see anything odd here? Turn the volume up
What's next? From Takei and with a North Carolina license plate:
Let your imagination run wild, I'm thinking "a new start" how about you?
I forgot to mention that we said goodbye to our next door neighbors a couple of weeks ago; the Bachs moved into assisted living while in their 90's. They were good neighbors and we will miss them, Mrs. Bach's first name is Helen believe it or not, think about it.......Helen Bach...........
Want to see something that will make you smile? Especially if you're my age. We watched this a few weeks ago and it was silly fun, but still fun. SWMBO sang along with most of the songs but then said she didn't really like the movie. Here's the opening scene, see if you know all the words:
I've got a feeling (Beatles pun there) that George didn't mean to trip. Another possible pun
It's been a good week in the great northwest but I'm about ready to get home and go to a wedding in Raleigh on Labor Day weekend.................come on, But it's at the Angus Barn and I think my old welded shut joints can find some lubrication there.
Speaking of joints, I was in Washington state this week and, oh never mind.
But I did get a lot of exercise this week, the old fashioned kind, not the new-fangled style that is increasingly popular. I think this will be my next attempt at eternal youth:
That, give me a magic pill and I'm at 175 pounds and going all day long

Or not
In town this week (insert audible gasp) and then moving Jackson to Hampton next weekend. The following week we expect to run nekkid throughout the house for a while, please give us our privacy

Next week: a story of a bike I bought in Seattle, look familiar?
Oh nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Friday, August 22, 2014

Another Week in the Barrel

I feel sorry for everyone involved in this tragedy, but this kinda sums up social media:
But be careful, Karma you are such a sassy bitch
OK, while in Ohio this past week the world stopped and began turning backwards because the Ohio State QB got hurt in practice and will not play this year. That's too bad, but after four days of listening to that, the whether or not Johnny Football will start for the Browns discussion, and the never-ending dialogue about him giving the opposing bench the finger................well I'd had enough. Good thing John Tesh has a syndicated radio show; yes, that's wrong in so many ways: he has the show, I knew he had the show, I listened to the show, I found myself singing along..................
But the funniest line of the talk radio scene, other than Dink asking me if this Ferguson thing is going to bother Jackson's new job; was to hear someone call into a Cleveland talk show and in his best Judge Smails voice say "well Johnny, since you're not going to be too busy on Sunday afternoons why don't you come over to my house and mow my lawn? Hmmmmmm, Mr. First Round Draft Pick?" That was funny, now back to John Tesh.
And on this date, August 22nd I find myself the only person on Earth who hasn't dumped a bucket of ice on himself. It is a great cause and a wonderful marketing idea, and I've been challenged a couple of times, and I will write the check, but maybe it's been done enough? Or maybe, just maybe I have already done it, for you see Robin, I'm Batman!
Sorry it wouldn't upload properly, it's titled Big Dump; I don't recommend you search using that, just copy and paste
And from one of the nicest guys in the world:
That played out pretty well
Who remembers Chief Dan George? I do I do! From an old movie we watched lst week, this is the way the world spins every now and then; sometimes the magic works, sometime it doesn't
Oregon and Washington next week, then a wedding and a long weekend

Friday, August 15, 2014

Easy Peeeesy Lemon                              I Got Nothing

Videos make the blog entry easier, enjoy:
Hell it is all I could do to remember what my four appendages are supposed to do: throttle, clutch, gear lever, brakes, brakes, turn signal, throttle advance, horn......and there hasn't been a musical instrument built that I can play. Maybe the cowbell, I can play that, perfect pitch every time, just have a little issue with the                                    uhhhhhhhhhhhh beat, yeah, the beat. Need to find another old BMW for this
One of the favorite movies of SWMBO, I like this version for several reasons, Donna Reed being one of them, she's hot
In my best Paris Hilton
I saw this on Facebook this week, my goodness drones are a wonderful thing:
If this video doesn't post properly I encourage you to go to  
and watch it
I mean it, don't miss it
Kinda makes me wish I had a long board and could go out and........what? I do have a long board? Really? Well I wish I could squat thrust up onto a wave, this is a great video, please take time to watch it
So sorry about the tragedy in motor-sports last week; I've said it many times, racing is such an exciting sport for spectator and participant, but every now and then she raises her ugly side and bites you, and reminds you how dangerous this can be for anyone who participates.
I looked at a Formula Vee race car a few years ago, thought I'd like to do some vintage racing. They are fun, easy to wrench, and affordable. As I sat in the car and fired it up the owner asked if I had any difficulty getting into the car, I said no, why? He told me I needed to get out of it, it was on fire. I think the soundtrack in my brain was something like BOIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNG
Anyway every now and then I still look for that old race car, last week I found this online. Go ahead and zip ahead to about 6:40, and turn up the volume. 
If I ever need an EMT I hope its this young lady. Her calmness and presence of what is happening in the driver's mind are amazing. And she has a great TLC touch and humor to boot. And thank God and mechanical engineering for HANS devices
RIP Robin Williams 
Off to OH next week, y'all need a fan? Come on, it's hot, you need a fan!

Thursday, August 07, 2014

A Rare Thursday Post

We are heading out of town in the morning so this week you get your gift a day early. TAR and I celebrate 35 years of happy, wedded bliss this weekend. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat you say? Surely you haven't been happily married that long? And let the jokes begin as we leave town for a long weekend in the mountains. 
Ever have one of those days when you start a new school year by showing up drunk and taking your pants off? Oh but we all live in glass houses don't we?
Reminds me of the human thumb, oh and I did you a big favor: MamaJune got a massage (as seen by me on the Soup) this week and I didn't post the video. You are welcome. And if you don't know who MamaJune is.....well good for you. 
Dinner from a couple of weeks ago, fresh and real soft-shells and a crab cake. 
Keelyn teaching Jackson how to blow bubbles; I think he's really getting the hang of it. Good uncling skills
And this is here because it is such a great photograph I found the other night. Anyone want to guess who, when, and/or what happened. Here's a clue, he didn't win the race but he had a good day, and night, and probably a couple of nights. 
I've been in manufacturing for a long time, 30-some plus years, and I've learned that it is important what you put in and on your box. We've all heard the Dink story about having to buy Nilla wafers..........from Conan: I don’t think it helps that Sudafed has started putting “Our Favorite Meth Recipe” on the back of the box.
Something else I'll bet you didn't know: Tammi Terrell (born Thomasina Winifred Montgomery; April 29, 1945 – March 16, 1970) was an American recording artist, best known as a star singer for Motown Records during the 1960s, most notably for a series of duets with singer Marvin Gaye.
Terrell's career began as a teenager, first recording for Scepter/Wand Records, before spending nearly two years as a member ofJames Brown's Revue, recording for Brown's Try Me label. After a period attending college, Terrell recorded briefly for CheckerRecords, before signing with Motown in 1965.
With Gaye, Terrell scored seven Top 40 singles on the Billboard Hot 100, including "Ain't No Mountain High Enough", "Ain't Nothing Like the Real Thing" and "You're All I Need to Get By". Terrell's career was interrupted when she collapsed into Gaye's arms as the two performed at a concert at Hampden–Sydney College on October 14, 1967, with Terrell later being diagnosed with a brain tumor. She had eight unsuccessful operations before succumbing to the illness on March 16, 1970 at the age of 24.
See, you learned something by reading this didn't you?
Now, before I head to bed you want to watch something really funny?
Had to laugh a little at that.
And speaking of which, Jackson got an offer from Ferguson, nice going. I hear an empty house singing a song for me.........a song in which TAR and I walk around the house in our underwear. Sorry, try to get that image out of your head. 

Friday, August 01, 2014

Get The Right Goat! Irony or Coincidence?

Most of us confuse and mislabel irony and coincidence, usually calling something ironic when indeed it is coincidental. With my extended educational background I two do this every now and then.................................................. Maybe this is the right goat video:
While looking for the right goat video (insert your funny comeback here) I found this, from many, many years ago: a video featuring George Harrison and Sir Jackie Stewart:
Jackie's son went to Duke, I saw Sir Jackie at a football game there once; you see kids, many years ago you knew pretty much everyone at a Duke football game, most by their first name....I wasn't Jackie's biggest fan, but he did so much to improve the safety of Formula One, and therefore at some point all motor vehicles. 
There once was a tree planted in Griffith Park in Los Angeles (how did that fail spell-check?) in honor of George Harrison. After George bought an English estate he became quite the gardener, and his adopted hometown honored him with this tree and plaque after his death. It died last week as a result of insect beetles. No kidding. I remember George once said something (OK, that was a good pun) to the effect that his biggest break in his life was getting into the Beatles, his second biggest was getting out of the Beatles. I'm sure he would appreciate the irony.........................of the death of his tree
And yes to the Fishin Optishin, I am indeed happy to be at Ventamatic, no there was no background check that I couldn't pass, although I am a bit concerned about the drug test. I'm not sure I can roll a doobie anymore. And with the fishing performance of 2014 I think I picked the right year to change careers. I'm kinda going to be at home next week (maybe an overnight to VA?) so for the first time in well over a month..........oh boy I hope SWMBO doesn't get too tired of  me.......................
Just in case, does anyone know where I can buy some clean urine?
Oh, SWMBO gave me a new i-phone last week, I now have a personal assistant named Siri. She is very nice, wakes me in the morning and tells me the Kabul.......... we are working on the location. This week after she told me something she asked that I watch my language, then called my mother, asked if I kiss my mother with this mouth, and then said she hoped I didn't do that right then. Can you follow the thread? I do like her though, very helpful indeed!

Friday, July 25, 2014

Texas, Yes, Everything Is Bigger

In Texas this week, holy cow I am impressed with the personnel Terry Siegel arranged in Mineral Wells, and I'm not just saying this because my boss reads this..............................BTW, this is a pound of ribs at the RailHead, a lady in the office showed me a was the size of an apple, raised in TX!
Jackson and me at Rod and Debby's place in Beaufort, good food at a great place. And Debby turned 30-something last week
Pulling TAR and Cooper in good old Spooners Creek, I got them up to about 40 MPH and they were able to hold on, good going CookeeAnna crew!
Jenny eating crabs, that was a happy lady! Lucile's in Fort Worth, insert your own caption: and it's OK, she's cool with whatever you write
She signed a disclaimer.....................
And for your viewing entertainment, and absolutely guaranteed to make you laugh:
Made you laugh didn't it? I'm in with a good crew and I'm busy as forty...............
DC, NJ and wherever next week and I'm driving instead of flying!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Little Lord Fauntleroy

This week I traveled to Indianapolis, Chicago(land) and Milwaukee. A fun productive was had with a husband and wife team whose professionalism should be a benchmark in the industry. Really good people who are also a lot of fun. AND I caught a three leg trip home Thursday evening which worked all the way home; I should have bought a lottery ticket.
Here is my brother and his friend Butch all dressed up to go fishing, sorry, couldn't resist. And yes I'm jealous that they went..........and caught fish. Bet that was fun. Wonder if they ever dreamed as teenagers they would dress up like this to sneak up on a trout? Who took the picture?
So just when you thought you'd seen enough funny looking guys wearing shorts, we find this in the old cigar box; very appropriate follow up to the first picture don't you think? We were setting the fashion world on its ear with the sweater and shorts look which would eventually become popular many years later; trendsetters I would even dare to say. The US Navy surplus sailor caps didn't quite catch on the way we anticipated. Great picture from several decades ago, and yes that is Niagara Falls in the background. 
And this is just plain old funny. How quickly we forget. 
Back to HQ in Texas for more training early Monday morning, home Friday night. I'm getting acquainted with everyone who works in the New Bern and Charlotte airports. Happy birthday to Niece Kristie, Kristy, Kirstie, Krusty, ok, Kristi!