Friday, May 22, 2015

Welcome Dingbatters!

The Memorial Day weekend is upon us; I went out for some errands late this afternoon and watched as four cars ran the red light on Harbor heading South. They pulled out onto US Highway 24, the fourth car in line had a driver who I thought was recording these near-wrecks on her phone, seems as though she was merely texting. OK, I'm never in favor of more laws but let's go ahead and banish driving while distracted. That means phone, food, makeup in the mirror, fooling around with the 500+ channels on the radio (yes I know I'm guilty of all of these, wait, not the makeup thing), drinking your $5.00 iced coffee.........I mean everything. LEO sees you doing anything but driving, pulled over.Where's Ralph Nader when you need him? Later I sat through three green turn lights as people slowly pulled away when the light turned green. Why slowly? Because we, ahem I mean they were all looking at their handheld devices. Seat-belt laws made people use them, ban handhelds while driving! OK I'll stop.
Here's what TS Ana looked like:
We were fortunate. 
I forgot to tell you that when I was in Charlotte I looked for Tiger, never could find him. His game is so poor right now I think he spends a lot of time in the woods.

60 years old, and looking every bit of it. In Philadelphia and Hershey among other places this week, not my most productive week but I do enjoy that part of the country. My great-grandfather did a little soldering up there about 150 years ago, and I always heard they (that would be us, as in the South during those recent unpleasantries)  got there and didn't like July 1863. I love it in that area. I wasn't able to go to Gettysburg this time but I enjoyed Hershey.
Got home a little late last night, the prop from Charlotte to New Bern decided to let most of the line of thunderstorms get in front of us before we came in. I was sitting in the #1 row, no, not first class, the seat that faces aft and I got to experience turbulence backwards. Fortunately I didn't throw up, I threw down but that's another story for another time. But here is the funny part, when we landed we had to sit in the plane because airport officials said there was too much lightning in the area for us to walk to the terminal. As the guy in front of me (remember I'm facing the stern) said" "ironic ain't it?" That vodka/tonic tasted a little better than usual when I got to 28557.

And speaking of psychos something has been bothering me lately. A couple of weeks ago I was in a hotel room, yes, most of my stories start that way........and I couldn't sleep.......another standard I know; anyway I turned on the TV and watched a couple of episodes of Bonanza on some network that only has ads for walkers, wheelchairs, stair-climbing wheelchairs, 911 dialers, tubs with doors, where was I? Oh yeah, they skipped right past the boner medicine into another age group completely. But I did enjoy watching the Cartwright family move from one dilemma to another. But after I went to sleep I thought about it, I just watched them kill a whole bunch of bad guys, then slap each other on the back and eat supper. (Michael Landon on Johnny Carson when Johnny asked if any of the Cartwright family was gay: "No none of us was, but fortunately Hop Sing was") Again, where was I? Oh yeah, hell Ben killed at least five one night by himself including his "friend" whose wife was hot for some of that Cartwright gold. No moral conscience? And this was 1960's family television brought to you by Chevrolet.
I'm done, it's 7:25 PM and Jackson, Elizabeth and Daisy are on the way, there's bacon and sausage to grill and two pounds of shrimp to steam. The weather looks good, I hope we are going to try for cobia tomorrow.

Friday, May 15, 2015

15 Minute Post

Been hustling all week capped off by over-sleeping (what? You're kidding!) this morning, but not to worry I have some leftover stuff from last week you might find amuuuuuuuuuuuusing:
A rider flew off the course, a split second later SWMBO wasn't smiling
 I missed sink o de mayo
 Inside Hoover Dam, always impressive
 As is the great American west scenery, still want to ride the bike out there one day
Video of my finger, and the Colorado River as it cranks back up under the dam, never did find the dam gift shop, I wanted to buy a dam t-shirt
 Birthday dinner at Benihana, always a good show and good food to boot!
 Daisy is learning tricks, she's trying to disprove Dink's analysis
In VA, DC and MD this week, I love making branch calls when you walk in and give the local customers a method to help move that heavy inventory they just unloaded at the back door. "I'm here to help"
And late Thursday night into Charlotte to take a new distributor to the PGA event. My new/old rep Justin has invited me since the first one here many years ago, I've only missed a couple through the years. We always have fun, entertain some customers and see a lot of familiar faces. Charlotte really knows how to do this thing. 
And as I entered my room last night I saw this old friend, I've always been confused with the endless possibilities of "what if?" But I obey the rules, you know Nietzsche said without order there is total chaos. No quotation marks there since he didn't really say that, but was incorrectly quoted in Blazing Saddles. "Oh blow it out your ass Howard," now that's a quote!
PA and NJ next week including a day at NAOHSM, home in time for Memorial Day.

Friday, May 08, 2015

Too Much To Absorb

It has been a very busy time; we arrived in Las Vegas last Friday, spent the entire day Saturday at the race track, Hoover Dam Sunday, show setup Monday, worked the show Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, broke the show down Thursday night, saw Jeff Dunham Thursday night........I'm tired just thinking about it.
Cooper Webb wasn't able to race Saturday night due to a high ankle sprain during practice but we were able to spend some time with the champion and his family. The race was great, they put on an exceptional show and we were very entertained. The crowd was very young, lots of ink, and very well behaved. 
Supercross racing is short and very intense. I saw this on one of the YamaLube bikes, the team owner told us the riders are so focused as the race starts that they need this reminder:
Before the race we saw some stunts, I've really got to get busy learning some new tricks on my bike
Too bad we missed the greatest fight ever Saturday night (insert eye roll here)
I've eaten so  much good food this week; Benihana, steak, Italian, oh, did I mention In-N-Out? I need to run home to burn some calories. The Dunham show was funny, you get lost in the show and forget to look at what the ventriloquism art is all about. A slight of hand magician entertained us with tricks after dinner Wednesday night, and we were amused and entertained early Friday morning by two young ladies trying to make it back to their room; seems as though one bought a dress that was a little too short. You know it's eye-catching when people in this town turn and stare..............
Lots to do in a very short weekend, most importantly Keelyn's birthday in Sanford Saturday. VA/MD next week, but first a reminder:
Yes I'm ready, got a couple of weeks to go but I am ready.
Oh I forgot, guess who I saw in Nevada? Come on, guess. That's right:

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Oh Well, Little Late

Got pretty busy before we left town today so here we are in NV. This is what I wrote many many hours ago, about 6:00 AM EDT.
It's now 12:10 AM EDT, we just got to the hotel after a quick In-N-Out dinner. Let's see, where were we early this morning:

FN Uploads

It's Friday morning and I've been trying to get one little clip posted on YouTube or on this blog, still trying. My upload speed is 55 mph If it gets through, here's what an exciting fishing trip looks like: lots of boredom and 60 seconds of exhilarating fun. SWMBO might add something here:__________
And by the way last weekend was a bit of a bust. The weather scared us off Saturday but we had a feast Saturday night regardless. Sunday was iffy but we went. Fortunately the trailer disengaged from the truck as we entered the parking lot, I saw fortunately because if it had been a little later the trailer would have been in the water. Seems as though I thought the straight receiver had a 2" ball on didn't. Could have been a lot worse though. The day was rather uneventful, we caught some fish but not what we were looking....Virginia mullet. Luckily we had a nice seafood dinner anyway....shrimp.
Lewis Hamilton in a vintage Silver Arrows, on one of my favorite race circuits, Monza! 
Happy birthday to all of those young ladies with birthdays, including our granddaughter who is now engaged!
So in my close to be 60 years here's my advice:
Believe in yourself.
Be an adult, people will remember how you act in a crisis, anyone can steer the boat in calm seas.
Love the Lord and treat other people better than you want to be treated.
There you have it, so long. 

Off to Las Vegas in a few minutes, we're ringside for the fight tomorrow night. JK we are going for the national hardware show and since it's my birthday we're going out a little early. Tomorrow we'll be at the Supercross watching local Cooper Webb close out his national championship. Should be fun.

And that is about all I had to say 18 hours ago. Good night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Another Plate of Scrambled Eggs

There seems to be a little riff between US Airways and American Airlines. Last Sunday night I checked in online for my anticipated 5:20 AM flight Monday morning. As bad weather was approaching about 8:30 PM I called and asked if everything was on time, I was assured it was. Checking e-mail about 11:00 PM I saw where my flight had been cancelled and they had already re-booked me for a 10: something or another AM flight.......................on Tuesday. Only problem was I needed to be in Mineral Wells Texas for lunch. Hilarity ensued and I ended up with a busted week.
But it was OK, I worked my way to the middle of the state Wednesday and delivered a Dink sofa to Sanford, and then hired an old friend Thursday. Better yet SWMBO got the all clear from Duke MOHS so the sun is a lot brighter today.
As promised there are no fishing pictures; that's because there has been no fishing. Tomorrow looks very iffy, Sunday OK and Monday looks great! Unfortunately the FO has to be out of town Monday morning for work so it's all on the line for Sunday, yes that was a pun. Whether or not you got it, you're hooked. I'll stop. 
Again, no pictures
OK, one:
Keelyn dressed up as a clown for class Wednesday and Holly took this great picture of her clowning around for the school. She was wearing oversized pants, suspenders and Jay's sized 15 bowling shoes. Who has their own bowling shoes? Any way, great picture. 
I am now armed with GoPro, you have been warned

Friday, April 17, 2015

In Town All Week!

And not a knifing  or a fighting or nothing...................
I guess we've been too busy, SWMBO and I kinda pass like ships in the night sometimes. This weekend Elizabeth, Jackson and Daisy are coming to see us, and yes we will take advantage of their inexpensive labor to get the remaining stuff out of Dink's condo. After that on to phase two: getting it out of my garage.................
Hard work has its rewards, my brother bought me this last Sunday at Pete's:
In case you're wondering it is a pimento cheese bacon cheeseburger, yum.
While in downtown Morehead we ran into a distant relative:
OK you got me, a close relative.
The pollen is as heavy as I remember it down east, this leads to nose and throat problems as well as observing those with too much time on their hands:
Is pollenart the same thing as pollinate? Time for a dinkism, the yellow stuff is called polllllmmm.
Let's see, where was I? Oh yes, thinking about going fishing, yes, that's where I was. But where was I going with that? Oh yeah:
Right down behind the courthouse, you can't miss it. That's where all the fish are, right down behind the courthouse. Next weekend will be our annual birthday extravaganza fishing weekend, there will be no pictures, sorry. OK maybe there will be some pictures, but consider yourself warned. One of these days I'm going to hook up that new Go Pro and see what happens. It works fine, I just can't get it to sync with the wrist remote, but then again I haven't tried but a couple of times. This weekend I'll get it figured out. Come on YouTube!
New haircut number 2 processed last night, it is just about at the point where I can't grab it and pull it out, just about right. See that little bandage? The person cutting my hair didn't and I just about yelled but I didn't (I might have peed just a little though, but that will be our little secret)
Lastly, a picture we found going through Dink's stuff. I took this picture in January 1973 as Dr. and Mrs. High walked by in Jim Holshouser's inaugural parade. They were very happy that day, and proud of the hard work they did to help get him elected. Yesterday was their anniversary and I'm sure they had a good time. I can always remember that date because they got married a couple of days before the FO was born....
Happy 61st old boy, hope you catch a lot of fish next weekend.
Off to Texas on the 5:20 AM Monday morning, don't be late!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Beaches Be Crazy

As the dingbatter population increases every weekend is appears as though the local atmosphere increases in intensity weekly, ergo the title.
Augusta: need I say more? Good day with the boys and then doggone it if Duke didn't go and win the whole shooting match. There are those among us who think Dink had something to do with that, I guess she has more pull than Dean Smith? Actual conversation overheard behind me as we got out of the plane from Dallas to Charlotte tonight:

Are you going to fire your coach?
We never fire our coach!
Matt Doherty?

He resigned!
(Laughter around the combatants..............)
Good week in Texas but then a little slippage towards the end of the week, need a rep in NC, know anyone? Need a rep in a lot of places, apply in the "comments"
Yes I did get a haircut a few weeks ago. As we went through mama's stuff last week this picture among many others appeared
It became quickly apparent as we went through several lifetimes of photographs that I have never had a good haircut in my life. I think the best was when I parted it in the middle and just let it grow. Sue used to cut my hair and I enjoyed the experience and I know she did the best she could, but it is what it is. I shave in the shower so about the only time I really look at myself is when I get a haircut. We've discussed the "smile" before, won't go there again. But I recently found a video of me looking into the mirror after I got a haircut, enjoy!
Don't tell TAR but my plans have changed, it looks as though I'm in town all next week. We'll just let that be our little secret.